Have your say | Agricultural Education Farm Provisions Trust

Issued Monday, Feb 12, 2018
In December 2017, it was announced that the State Government plans to grab 20 per cent of on-farm revenue collected by the Agricultural Education Farm Provisions Trust from 2019 onward. This action will undoubtedly impact the sustainability and delivery of agricultural education in WA.

WAFarmers encourages you to join us and have your say about the issue. This can be through methods including writing letters to Government MPs, writing letters to the editors of local newspapers, sharing your views on social media, and signing petitions. WAFarmers strongly recommend that you have your say through the signing of petitions, as it has the potential to trigger an inquiry into the particular decision by the State Government.


  1. Download the petition | print it off and gather signatures; send the original* to: Hon Colin de Grussa MLC, Member for the Agricultural Region, Parliament House, Harvest Terrace Perth 6000
  2. Complete the petition online
  3. Write to Members of Parliament
*Only original signatures are permitted; photocopied or faxed signatures are not accepted.