Would you like your business to be aligned with the state’s largest and most influential agricultural advocacy group in Western Australia? Become a WAFarmers corporate partner!

WAFarmers boasts a membership of over 3,500 farmers throughout WA and continues to work directly with farmers on issues related to their on-farm business so that we can achieve a more viable, profitable and sustainable future for the agricultural industry.

As part of this pursuit, WAFarmers develops corporate partnerships with companies who provide a service to WAFarmers Members, which place money directly back into farmers pockets. In turn, corporate partnerships can help like-minded organisations achieve their marketing and branding goals, and expand their client base.

Partnering with WAFarmers provides the following benefits:
Unlike many other sponsorships, a WAFarmers partnership is, in essence, an on-going integrated branding, marketing and communications campaign for your organisation. WAFarmers is able to provide you with a marketing package that will complement, or even form the basis of, your marketing activities in rural WA.

Tailored campaigns and sponsorships
WAFarmers offers your organisation the flexibility to run tailored campaigns, at specific times of your choosing, that are targeted to particular geographic regions, commodities, and age groups. WAFarmers is also happy to negotiate a tailor-made sponsorship package that is specifically designed to meet the needs of your organisation.

Brand association with WAFarmers
WAFarmers has spent its 100-plus-year history building influence and trust within the agricultural industry, and having your brand associated with ours instantly creates positive connotations and credibility towards your organisation. When WAFarmers forms a relationship with a company it shows our support for that organisation, and indicates to our members that this is an organisation that they too can trust.

Supporting WA’s farmers
And of course, in addition to the promotional opportunities for your organisation, you will also be financially supporting WAFarmers, and by extension, supporting the state’s farmers. Your contribution will enable us to continue all of the hard work we do, advocating on behalf of WA’s farming and agricultural industries. WAFarmers simply wouldn’t exist without our corporate supporters.

For more information about becoming a partner of WAFarmers, contact WAFarmers CEO Trent Kensett-Smith by emailing or calling (08) 9486 2100. Let’s work together to a build bigger, better and stronger agricultural industry for WA!


Our business is a member of WAFarmers because we want to support our industry and ensure farmers have input into the decisions made by governments and others that have such a big impact on how we can farm. Through WAFarmers I have enjoyed meeting and working with some really committed farmers and pastoralists who put in many, many volunteer hours in trying to make a difference for their industry. We all need to do our bit in support of our industry - many voices will give us a stronger voice.

Lyn Slade