The Livestock Council aims to support and grow a strong and vibrant domestic supply chain for cattle, sheepmeat and wool, and is comprised of Sheepmeat/Beef and Wool committees to meet this goal. The Council, which was formed in 2016 through the amalgamation of the Meat and Wool Councils, meets regularly to discuss and make policy on issues affecting livestock.

The Livestock Council is proactive via representation on a number of peak industry councils on a national level, and use this platform to advocate on behalf of members on all livestock issues. At present, WAFarmers is a member of WoolProducers Australia.

We advocate for transparency and integrity in the domestic supply chain that aims to allow producers to be competitive and grow, and for the promotion of animal welfare. Livestock producers are in an excellent position to understand and promote animal welfare and we want to improve public perceptions and help people understand the stewardship role that farmers take with animals.

On a daily basis, the Livestock Section represents farmers on a wide range of industry issues including:

  • Live export;
  • Animal health and welfare;
  • Disease (such as footrot, foot and mouth, Bovine/Ovine Johnes disease);
  • Biosecurity management and strategies;
  • Best practice techniques;
  • Wild dogs and pests;
  • Wool levies;
  • Research, development and investment;
  • Consumer education;
  • Industry promotion, education and training; and,
  • State and national representation.


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After about 10 years farming on my own, I was searching for a way to gain knowledge about farming, outside family members, but found it difficult to talk 'farming' with other farmers in the area. As my father had been a member of WAFarmers for a long time, I decided to go to a few meetings and see how it went. It wasn't long before I was 'roped in' and representing the zone. I enjoy on farm research and development information that I get from being a member.

John Moyes