Head Office Staff

Melanie Tolich
Melanie Tolich
Finance and Administration Manager
Grady Powell
Executive Officer, Policy (General)
Kim Haywood
Executive Officer, Policy (Dairy; Livestock)
Shannen Barrett
Executive Officer, Policy (Bees; Education); Media and Communications Officer
Philip Brunner
Philip Brunner
Director at Bailiwick Legal
0427 783 168


After about 10 years farming on my own, I was searching for a way to gain knowledge about farming, outside family members, but found it difficult to talk 'farming' with other farmers in the area. As my father had been a member of WAFarmers for a long time, I decided to go to a few meetings and see how it went. It wasn't long before I was 'roped in' and representing the zone. I enjoy on farm research and development information that I get from being a member.

John Moyes