Head Office Staff

Trent Kensett-Smith
Chief Executive Officer
Melanie Tolich
Melanie Tolich
Finance and Administration Manager
Grady Powell
Executive Officer, Policy (General)
Kim Haywood
Executive Officer, Policy (Dairy; Livestock)
Shannen Barrett
Executive Officer, Policy (Bees; Education); Media and Communications Officer
Philip Brunner
Philip Brunner
Director at Bailiwick Legal
0427 783 168


Our business is a member of WAFarmers because we want to support our industry and ensure farmers have input into the decisions made by governments and others that have such a big impact on how we can farm. Through WAFarmers I have enjoyed meeting and working with some really committed farmers and pastoralists who put in many, many volunteer hours in trying to make a difference for their industry. We all need to do our bit in support of our industry - many voices will give us a stronger voice.

Lyn Slade