The Western Australian grains sector is the state’s fourth largest resource industry generating more than $4.7 billion or 59 per cent of the state’s gross value of agricultural production. The industry is in the unique position of exporting more than 80 per cent of its grain, making an efficient and fair logistics system from farm-gate to port a primary focus of the WAFarmers Grains Council. 

The WAFarmers Grains Council’s aim is for grain producers to be recognised as the key stakeholders of the grains industry and that their views are heard on both a state and national level. The Grains Council is also focused on ensuring supply chain costs are kept to a minimum and that grain producers have access to the necessary tools to ensure their profitability and viability into the future.

On a daily basis, the Grains Council represents growers on a wide range of industry issues including:

  • Receival standards;
  • Export marketing arrangements;
  • Industry beneficial functions;
  • Research and development;
  • Grain on rail;
  • Agricultural chemicals;
  • Storage, handling and logistics; and,
  • Biosecurity.

Policy documents:

Recent submissions:


Our business is a member of WAFarmers because we want to support our industry and ensure farmers have input into the decisions made by governments and others that have such a big impact on how we can farm. Through WAFarmers I have enjoyed meeting and working with some really committed farmers and pastoralists who put in many, many volunteer hours in trying to make a difference for their industry. We all need to do our bit in support of our industry - many voices will give us a stronger voice.

Lyn Slade