Agricultural Fighting Fund

Producers and individuals right to operate in the rural sector are under attack from every angle. The live export welfare issues and GM Crop Inquiry are prime examples of this. We need to be ready to defend our rights as farmers, graziers and land owners or lessee’s when the the time is ripe, not when it is convenient. 

Public and social media is the most powerful means of getting reliable information and messaging to the greatest number of people no matter what the cause happens to be. The timely, truthful and honest delivery of this messaging is the most critical part of getting support when we need it.

To get this messaging right and to get the message directly to people that can make a difference requires significant resources, financial resources and human resources. No Western Australian agricultural advocacy body has the resources and assets to do this well alone. As such, for the  good of our industry and greater sector, WAFarmers are calling all interested parties to have some skin in the game and help build a resource that can be called on when needed to do the job right. 

Invitations have been offered to peak Western Australian representative bodies to join as equal partners in building a fund that can be utilised by any agricultural industry body that needs support. Funds raised through the Industry Fighting Fund, through a collaborative campaign between two of WA’s strongest agricultural voices including WAFarmers and the Kimberley Pilbara Cattlemen’s Association (KPCA) can be used to help level the playing field by providing funds to support advertising and marketing material, travel requirements for face-to-face appeals, and campaign administration resourcing. 

The invitation to join as one united voice has been extended to WA’s peak agricultural advocacy groups and will remain open for the future of industry. We now ask you to join in preparations for any future issues we may encounter. 

There are two links below, the first is an opportunity to donate funds to the general Producer Rights Fighting Fund. The second link gives you the opportunity to become a member of WAFarmers. The joining fee associated with this membership will contribute to the Producer Fighting Fund, and will also give you the membership benefits associated with WAFarmers membership. 

When faced with a threat, it is essential that the whole of industry unites, and has the ability to campaign and engage strongly against any protagonist. Please help industry to achieve this goal, and ensure swift action whenever it is needed. 



To find out more about how WAFarmers, KPCA and associated parties are working collaboratively for the benefit of our industry, call (08) 9486 2100.

*Please note that though this GoFundMe account is registered under the name of WAFarmers President Tony York, funds raised will go to the industry fighting fund, managed by WAFarmers on advice from and on behalf of industry.  Once a donation is made, you will receive an email confirming your donation – please remember that though it will say that the payment has been received by “Tony York”, it will be directed to the Live Export Fighting Fund managed by WAFarmers, which is accessible to all of industry.


After about 10 years farming on my own, I was searching for a way to gain knowledge about farming, outside family members, but found it difficult to talk 'farming' with other farmers in the area. As my father had been a member of WAFarmers for a long time, I decided to go to a few meetings and see how it went. It wasn't long before I was 'roped in' and representing the zone. I enjoy on farm research and development information that I get from being a member.

John Moyes